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When you go away for a day, a weekend or a longer holiday, you want your furbabies to have a great place to have their own fun time. Basically, you want them to be spoilt like they are at home.



That is where 3 Spoilt Dogs can help you. Our very own 3 spoilt dogs are the inspiration for the name and know how good they have it. In fact, some of my friends tell me that when they want to be reincarnated as one of my dogs as they have the best life ever.



We have been pet sitting for over 9 years but as lifelong dog owners, myself and my husband Shayne, are true dog lovers and believe a home inside a home without a dog. Which is why all our furguests get spoilt, just like mine.



I work from home so your dogs are usually hanging with me and they have a secure spot inside if I need to go out to a meeting.



We offer doggy day care, overnight stays and longer holidays (while you go and enjoy yours).




Cavoodle, 10 years old

Miss Independent is happiest when sleeping, especially draped on Daddy’s lap.


Shih-poo, 10 years old

This girl is very food motivated and can usually been found close to Mum.


Cavoodle, 8 years old

The Boss boy is a total mummy’s boy, loves playing and is the first to greet our furguests.

What is their story?

Tia and Latte were fostered then adopted from the RSCPA. At the time of fostering their mum had been seized from a puppy farm and luckily they were born in captivity at the RSPCA. That is where we agreed to look after them at 10 weeks of age. And well, the rest is history. We fell in love with them and didn’t hesitate to give them a furever home when they were official surrendered to the RSPCA.


Then along came Neo. We fostered him from 7 weeks old and it as love at first sight. He was 1.5kg tiny ball of fluff that quickly become a precoscous, centre of attention that rules the house.


We are total failed foster parents who got seriously lucky. I like to think they chose us. 


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