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This depends on the time of year. We book out in advance for Christmas and Easter. As you can imagine school holidays and long weekends are higher in demand also. If you want a last minute getaway always contact me and chances are, we will be available (outside those key times mentioned).

Yes, if you are going away for a number of weeks, we understand that it can get expensive, so we offer a discount.

Rarely do we have larger dogs. We have done occasionally but this is based on their breed, if we have other smaller dogs staying at the time and how they interact with my dogs on the meet & greet.

Yes, we do not look after staffies, French bulldogs or breeds that tend to be more aggressive or very high energy. This is why the meet & greet is an important part of the process

They stay inside, often in our bedroom with us unless they are used to sleeping in a pen or crate by themselves, then we find a comfy spot for them inside.

We like to minimise any risk, so we don’t usually take them on a walk as we don’t know how your dog reacts to other people or dogs and they are not in their usual environment. We find they get a lot of exercise just running around playing with my dogs and any guests we have (as witnessed by how well they sleep at night)

Yes sure, we understand that lie happens and things change. If it is not during a high demand period there is more flexibility and we can usually refund your deposit. However, if it within days of your booking during a high demand period, we might keep part of your deposit (since it will be to later to fill this space). We look at situations on a case by case basis.

You can pay via direct deposit (this is preferred), Paypal or Credit Card on site

If we think there is an issue, we will contact you first to let you know. We will take them to our vet usually as this is closest or the Emergency Vet if it is out of hours. Throughout this process you will get regular updates and can make decisions on their treatment based on the vets recommendations. Payment is usually made by you direct to the vet. If you re overseas or unavailable, this can be done through an alternative contact or in last instance, made by us and reimbursed. We highly recommend all our guests have pet insurance

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You can reach us via pawmail or enquire via dog and bone. See our contact details below:

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