Getting your first puppy is very exciting.


They immediately become part of your family and you will spend many happy years together.


My First Puppy program is for nervous new furparents. Maybe you aren’t sure what to expect, how to prepare, what to feed them and a million other questions.


It is not unusual to be unsure or scared– you are not alone. We have all been there. As lifelong pet pawrents, we have raised many dogs who have been happy & healthy and lived long lives.


I see so many people getting their first puppies and needing help, so I have decided to pull together a program just for you.

puppy group



Online so you can do at our own pace

Will cover the basics you need to know

An affordable way to learn

Feel confident and comfortable with getting your first puppy

There is a lot to think about and this is what the course is planning to cover:

  • Preparing your home for puppy
  • The first night 
  • Bringing your puppy home – the first few days
  • Introducing them to other pets
  • Where to sleep puppy
  • Importance of establishing a Routine from Day 1


  • Understanding the Pack mentality 
  • Food and nutrition 
  • Why exposing puppy to everything is s important  
  • Socialization & puppy play
  • Training basics
  • Do’s and Don’t’s 
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 This online program is currently being created. The more interest we get in this, the sooner it will be live & available to purchase. 


Join the waitlist to show your expression of interest.