The Anxious Oodle - How to Minimise Anxiety in the Pandemic Oodle with Jen Davy

Have you got an anxious oodle? Then find out what you can to minimise these issues and have a happier oodle and a less stressed pawrent.

Anxiety is a common issue with oodles. In this episode I talk to animal behaviourialist Jen Davy.

We uncover:

  • What are the most common anxiety issues?
  • How to handle post pandemic oodle anxiety
  • What part do owners part in anxious oodles anxiety?
  • Why is consistency so important for dog from day 1?
  • What are some simple steps owners can take to make a difference?
  • What do we need to do as owners (entire family including kids)?
  • What age is the critical development period?

Listen and learn 🐶


About Jen Davy

Jen is passionate about educating and empowering others using Evidence-based learning. It is such a joy to see a client experience the best bond of understanding and kindness with their animals.

Qualified Animal Behavioural Trainer & Equitation Science Practitioner.

Purely Positive Training

0424 513262


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