Natural Remedies For Your Oodle
with Sherry from Bear & Kind

Have you heard of an Apawthecary? Think of it as as place to get natural and gentle skin and coat care product options and herbal remedies for sensitive furbabies.


Our modern world is filled with chemicals, preservatives & additives, many of which can cause issues for our beloved oodles. Sometimes we want a more natural solution so today I am discussing what remedies you can use that are natural and chemical free with your oodle, particular if they have skin issues, allergies or anxiety.

  • What sort of ingredients are considered natural?
  • What natural products can help oodles with skin issues?
    • Itchy
    • Irritated skin
  • What natural products can help oodles with anxiety instead of medications?
  • What natural products can help oodles with allergies?
    • How do you know it is an allergy to start with?
  • Let’s talk about gut health – what types of natural foods are good for this
  • Are there natural foods that help with some of these types of issues
  • Can some of these natural solutions be bought at supermarkets or over the counter locally?
  • Top 3 ingredients that every oodle owner should have


About Sherry

Sherry is a groomer, trainer, animal charity founder and dog business owner of 20 years and more recently Canine Herbalist and creator of Bear and Kind Apawthecary. Also owner and breeder of Murray River Retrievers. 😍


Find Bear & Kind here https://www.bearandkind.com.au/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bearandkindapawthecary/

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bearandkindapawthecary

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