Snake Safety for your Oodles with Georgia Kourtis

Hands up if you are terrified of your oodle being bitten by a venomous snake? It is one of my biggest fears so in this episode, I talk to Geogia Kourtis from Snake Guard Dog Training about what to do in a snake encounter, how to treat a snake bite and I bust one of the myths around some of those preventions that doesn’t actually work. With the weather warming up, listening to this episode could save your oodle’s life.

Snakes and oodles don’t go well together so understanding how to handle a snake encounter or snake bite could save your oodles life


  • The reality of a snake being bitten in a normal residential house?
  • What to do if you see a snake in your yard and your dog is nearby?
  • How can you teach them at home to not go near a snake?
  • What happens if they get bitten – or if a snake grabs hold of them?
  • What should you be aware of as dog owners?
  • Are there any things you can do to deter snakes in our yard?

Do those snake repellers work? We bust the myth wide open.


About Georgia Kourtis

Georgia Kourtis has been working in the animal industry since 2015 as a vet nurse. Working in country and city practices, she realised there was a drastic need for preventing deadly snake bites. Snakeguard Dog Training was born in 2017, where she began training our furry best friends to stay safe from potentially fatal snake bites. Travelling the country side with her snakes, she educates owners on snake awareness and safety, trains their dogs to avoid snakes as well as discusses life saving pet first aid practices.


Website: www.snakeguarddogtraining.com.au 

Instagram: @snakeguarddogtraining 

Facebook: @snakeguarddogtraining 

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