10 annoying things we always forgive our dogs for

Let’s face it, it is really hard to get angry and stay angry at our beloved pooches. They can just about do anything then they look at us with that super cute face and we melt like an ice cream. He are 10 of the most annoying things they do and we always forgive them for.

  1. Peeing because they are very VERY excited to see you
  2. Giving us those ‘puppy’ eyes, after they have done something devious or naughty
  3. Rolling in puddles. It may mean a bath but we had a great time
  4. When they wait until we stand up, then steal our spot on the sofa then fall asleep in seconds
  5. Destroying an expensive ‘indestructible’ dog bed and then acting like they had nothing to do with it
  6. Scratching at the door to be let out then scratching to be let in 20 seconds later
  7. Stealing our food when we’re not looking
  8. Humping a guests leg and embarrassing us
  9. Wanting us to the throw the tennis ball but refusing to give it to us
  10.  Rolling in the poop of other animals (or eating it)

Basically we are big push overs and our four legged friends can get away with most things on a given day. Yep, spoilt!