Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Socialization is important for dogs, and doggy day care can provide that and much more! If you have a puppy or a solo dog, socialism helps them learn and interact more effectively with other dogs. Here are some ways doggy day care can help your dog.

1. Socialization

Dogs are pack animals. They have an innate desire to be around and interact with others. This is important because it actually affects their whole dynamic around other dogs and even people. Socializing teaches them how to behave properly, including not jumping on or nipping strangers, being gentle around babies and kids, and not being aggressive towards other dogs. It gives them confidence to enter new situations and react appropriately to different stimuli.

2. Exercise

Getting the proper amount of exercise is hard for ourselves and for our dogs. Dogs rely on us to give them the exercise they need, and when they don’t get it, that energy gets transferred towards bad habits. Lack of proper exercise can lead to excessive barking, destructive behaviours, and health issues (most common as weight gain). Doggy daycare provides that exercise and expenditure of energy to keep your dog calm and happy at home. After a day at daycare, your dog will come home ready for a quiet evening.

3. Peace of Mind for the Owner

Many dog owners, worry about our dogs being home alone all day, whether they roam freely around the home or if they have to be kennelled. It is common for most working people to be away from the home for a minimum of 6-10 hours at a time. Doggy day care can relieve that guilt and put your mind at ease, knowing your dog is being well cared for by professionals while you’re at work.

4. Safety

For those people that allow their dogs to roam freely around the home, there is always that concern for the dog’s safety, whether they are getting into the trash, chewing on electrical wires, or destroying personal belongings, and no matter how mad we get, we are always relieved to find them okay.

5. Relieves Boredom and Anxiety

This point relates back to exercise and safety. A bored dog becomes destructive, their energy transferring into chewing, ripping, and just generally destroying anything they can get their mouth on. An anxious dog can defecate/urinate in the house, bark excessively (which can be a problem with neighbours), and can also defer to destructive behaviours. When playing with other dogs they are getting mental and physical stimulation to dramatically reduce, if not eliminate, negative behaviours associated with boredom and anxiety.

6. Relieves Loneliness

Loneliness tends to be a major concern for many owner that leave their dogs at home during the day. Again, dogs are pack animals, and are inherently social creatures. Loneliness can affect them in the same way it affects humans; it can lead to depression. A depressed dog has a lack of energy, becoming withdrawn and inactive, and can even have a loss in appetite and will sleep more than usual. Depression in dogs is very similar to humans. A doggy daycare allows your dog to make friends that and create social bonds.

7. Lots of Affection and TLC

Your pet sitter will give your dog lots of TLC when you’re away. They don’t mean to replace you, just stand-in for a few hours to keep your dog busy and happy. They play with your dog, entertaining them and using up all that pent up energy. They will cuddle with them and baby them if they aren’t into playing as much as others, and they will help them interact with the other dogs safely.

8. Provides Routine

Like humans, dogs do better with structure to their lives. Dogs are creatures of habit and having a routine allows them to satisfy that habitual need. Dogs feel more secure when they have a sense of predictability to their day. A quick word of caution: not all dogs can handle going to daycare every day. They can get tired, stressed, and cranky. Dogs like this would do well going to daycare only a few times a week, but still on a schedule.

9. Affordable

It is a very affordable way to socialise your dog and minimise other behaviourial issues as they grow up. You also don’t need to take your dog to daycare every day, which can also make it more affordable.

Give it a try. The benefits for your pup will be apparent after their first visit!

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