Why 99% of dog food is fake

Why are dogs so sick? Why are they suffering from the same diseases humans suffer … diabetes, cancer, allergies, liver disease, leaky gut and more?

The answer? We feed them the same processed foods that we eat.

Mainly because we have no idea how bad the foods we feed our dogs are and we don’t understand how feeding more of those foods actually causes our dogs to starve.

The biggest problem with dog food today … is that it’s dead. – D. E. A. D.

There’s one common denominator most kibble shares … regardless of the quality of ingredients that go into it. By the time they’re heated and processed, there’s not much left for your dog to live on.

This is how kibble is manufactured.

The raw ingredients of kibble get mixed up in a giant grinder. Many of the added foods get heated and processed before they’re added to the kibble. They then heat and steam the entire batch again. After that the kibble gets pushed through a giant screw called an extruder. While processed, it’s once again heated. Then it’s sent to an oven to dry where it’s once again heated.

Then a coating with fats in it gets sprayed on the food to coax your dog or cat into eating it. It’s packaged and sent off to stores.

Most of the ingredients in your dog’s kibble get heated and processed four times before they hit the bag.

Why does this matter?

Because heating and processing destroy the nutrients in the food. You don’t feed your dog every day to fill his stomach. His food must contain the nutrients he needs to survive and feed all the cells in his body so they don’t break down. If his cells break down, your dog will break down.

Any nutritional deficiencies will suppress your dog’s immune function. His organs will start to fail because their cells can no longer support them. He’ll start to suffer from chronic inflammation, as well as diseases of the …

Proper nutrition is vital to your dog’s health and longevity. But heating and processing destroy the nutrients he depends on. The vitamins they add to the food are synthetic so they offer little nutrition

See full article by Dana Scott from Dogs Naturally Magazine  here https://www.dogsnaturallymagazine.com/dog-food-nutrition/