Pawsitively Spoilt is going LIVE this week

My special furguests and their owners know that I am passionate about dogs and helping them have a happy and healthy life.

There is only so much love I can share in my home and with our guests which is I have created and launched the Pawsitively Spoilt Podcast so I can share that love across the world.

It’s aimed at raising a happy and healthy oodle (but we don’t discriminate so no matter what sort of dog you have, you will learn a bunch of super valuable stuff) 👍

I have interviewed some amazing experts and as a lifelong dog owner and dog sitter for 10 years, I’m personally learning soooo much from these interviews.  Which means that you will too!

There are so many informative topics that I guarantee you will learn soooo much from.

✅ anxious oodles 

✅ snake safety 

✅ fussy eaters & reading dog food labels 

✅ barking challenges 

✅ teeth cleaning tips 

✅ social structure in the home 

✅ many more eps, addressing the issues you might be facing right now. 

If you like the sound of it, you can join the waitlist and listen to our Coming Soon Ep and we go live on 3rd November.

If you are a dog owner or lover I would looooove your support to spread the word.

Search Pawsitively Spoilt on Spotify or Apple Podcasts and hit subscribe to be first to hear the episodes as they go live.

This is a passion of mine.  I believe it is a unique offering in the podcast world and has the potential to be a global success. 

Tanya x 

P.S. I’m also looking for online and retail stores to help spread the word.  (Vets, pet stores, cafes, pet suppliers etc) I’ve got some little cards that you can put in your shop that I’ll happily drop to you. 💕 The more people we teach on launch, the more people we help.