Managing the Fussy Oodle Eater with Ashley McCarthy

Do you have a fussy oodle? Then understanding how to manage a fussy eater, what foods to feed them, and also how to read those pet food labels will be something you want to know about. And that is what today’s episode of Pawsitively Spoilt is all about. Listen and learn.

How do you deal with a fussy oodle? This episode will teach you a bunch of stuff about
pet food that I guarantee you did not know.


  • How to read Pet food labels and understand what the main ingredients are
  • What types of ingredients you should try and avoid in food, for small dogs in particular
  • What ingredients you should minimise or avoid
  • What are the dog superfoods (yes, they exist)?
  • Let’s talk fussy eaters – Why you should you get your oodle into a feed routine
  • The many times a day you should feed your fussy oodle?
  • How long it should take to transform a fussy eater
  • The foods to try with your fussy eaters


To talk further to Ashley, contact her on the below details:

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