How To Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean
with Shibly Mustapha

Does your oodle have bad teeth? It is pretty common in a lot of dogs so in this episode, I am talking to Shibly Mustapha who helps thousands of dogs a year with dental health. And you might also be surprised about what he has to say about all those dental products that promise an easy fix! Keep listening.

Dental health is often a not obvious issue for oodles as it can cause massive health issues if poor dental hygene in your dog is left untreated. In this episode you will learn:


  • Why dental health is so important for your dog
  • What types of issues bad teeth or poor hygene causes for your dog
  • What breeds are pre-disposed to having bad teeth
  • What products actually work
  • What things to avoid
  • If giving your dog raw bones is good for their teeth
  • How to make the process of teeth cleaning easier


About Dr Shilby Mustapha

Dr Shibly Mustapha gained his passion and experience for wildlife and pets through living, travelling and working both in Australi and overseas. After spending time with animals of all shapes and sizes in both a general practice and emergency hospital setting, he realised how much he wanted to give back to his local pet community – and so he acquired and now oversees four veterinary practices throughout the Southern suburbs of Brisbane. Through his brand, MustCare Vet Centres, Dr Shibly leads a team of dedicated veterinary professionals who share his passion for preventative health. Together their mission is to empower pet owners with the knowledge and tools they need to care for their pets and become the best pet parents they can be.


Website: https://mustcarevets.com.au/  

Blog: https://mustcarevets.com.au/uncategorized/spotting-trouble-early-7-signs-of-dental-disease-in-dogs 


Social media tags:

MustCare Compton Rd: https://www.facebook.com/mustcarevetcomptonroad

MustCare Algester: https://www.facebook.com/MustcareAlgesterVet

Windaroo Veterinary Surgery Animal Hospital: https://www.facebook.com/windarooanimalhospital

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