Grooming Tips with Kath Fels

How often do you groom your oodle? Do you know how often you need to have between cuts? Do you know some tips and tricks to keep them nicely maintained between grooms?

In this episode, Kath Fels shares her expertise in grooming oodles including some of the equipment you should be using to groom your oodle on a regular basis.

What you will learn in this episode:


  • The most common issues with coats and overall grooming
  • How to get puppies used to being brushed at home
  • Tips on the dreaded nail clipping process
  • What you can do between visits to make grooming easier and save you money
  • How often you should clip your dog
  • The best types of brushes to use
  • Common misconceptions about grooming


About Kath Fels

Kath Fels left her corporate career and started Ruff Ruff Dog Grooming and Daycare during the pandemic. Her goal was not do not just do something that fed her soul but to provide a place for oodles and small dogs to be able to play together in a safe and loving environment. In 3 short years Kath has created a thriving business, with 8 staff and a long list of returning furguests.



Find Ruff Ruff here: https://www.ruffruff.com.au/

Email: admin@ruffruff.com.au

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