Who's The Boss?

The way we train our dog and build foundations to help it have a happy and healthy life has changed a lot over the years. Being dominant and having a leader of the pack are considered old school methods. As an owner, you need to be accountable for your part in the social structure of your dog’s life and this episode we dive deeper into this.

What you will learn in this episode:


  • What is the social structures in your house
  • Is the concept of a having a pack leader real? How does that work?
  • How dogs communicate with each other.
  • What dominance theory actually is.
  • How dogs understand language
  • Why tone of voice so important when communicating with your dogs
  • The common mistakes you are making when it comes to helping your dogs feel comfortable and happy in your family
  • Top 3 takeaways or tips to ensuring your dogs understand you and are happy with their place in the home


About Canine Caregivers

Dom and Ian have come together to create a community that provides, information, support and foundations of learning and understanding to help build a relationship between dog and Caregiver that is built on Communication, Advocacy, Relating and Enrichment. This is for the betterment of both the Caregiver and the dogs for a happy and healthy life.


Dom and Ian have their own independent businesses and have years of experience and knowledge that they continue to build. Canine Caregivers is their passion project and they not only bring their experience, but also the experience and expertise of other specialist professionals in the industry, this helps create a holistic learning platform for Caregivers to build their knowledge.


Canine Caregivers URL: https://caninecaregivers.com.au

Canine Caregivers Insta: @canine_caregivers

Canine Caregivers Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGafFCZJPixAQTXvqcExcmg

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