5 Stages of Begging

Once you have a pooch, eating your food, will never be the same again. It doesn’t matter how well feed your dog, nothing will stop them from bringing out those big puppy dog eyes and acting like they are starving and you are so mean for depraving them.

So, what are the 5 stages of begging?

Just pretend I’m not here

You’ve just sat down to dinner and across the room you sense movement. They remain distant but you spot a sidelong glance fired in your direction.

You’ve got food and I am so hungry

Pooch slowly moves closer, like a ninja. Then suddenly their head pops up on your knee along with the puppy eyes. They are trying to make you feel guilty. Remember your dog is telling you they are starving and its your fault.

OK the guilt trip didn’t work, so I’m just going to stare at you now

Dogs have no shame when it comes to staring so don’t expect them to be sensitive to what they’re putting you through – they know full well. Never before has your fork been watched so intently as it goes up and down.

I gave you a chance, now its time for the big guns

Cue the whining and pawing. Your dog has now lost it’s dignity and is shamelessly begging. They have nothing to lose now. They see your plate is emptying fast and it’s now or never.

I win…. Again!

You give in, of course. And in doing so, know you are creating a bad habit that will be hard to break.