The importance of routine for your puppy

We’re all creatures of habit. Dogs included.

The best way to house-warm a puppy is to provide a structure – a sense of routine.

Knowing your needs are met on a daily basis makes for a healthy mind and body. Puppies that fail to get regular walks, meals, and socializing tend to become anxious, depressed, and angry. An undisciplined puppy is an unhappy puppy.

Uncertainty can cause serious distress. The best way to fight illnesses and unhappiness is a constant routine that satisfies all your needs.

The sooner you chart out a daily schedule for your new puppy, the sooner they adapt to their new home. An unsatisfied, uncertain puppy isn’t interested in learning anything and makes for a terrible companion. Bad habits snowball and you end up with an unhappy, anxious adult dog.

Young puppies have undeveloped minds and short-term memories as a result. The constant regularity of a routine is a source of comfort and helps them learn faster. It doesn’t matter if you fail to stick to a routine every day. The only thing that matters is sticking to it most of the time.

Routine play-times and nap-times are essential for the growth of any healthy puppy. Every puppy has to match its lifestyle with their owner, after all. The lack of a regular playtime can cause serious restlessness. The lack of a regular nap-time can hurt mental and physical well-being. Uncertain food and potty timings can cause your dog to put on weight, grow diabetic, and develop digestive problems.

The path to successful and happy puppy ownership is simple: A regular routine that properly incorporates their play-times, their potty times, their nap-times, and meal times.

A consistent routine brings out the best in your dog and makes puppy training easier. Consistent, gradual training is the best way to make your dog understand instructions and learn faster.

By establishing a set routine right from the get-go, you’re well on your way to raising a happy and healthy puppy. It can be difficult to frame a daily schedule, but the rewards are well worth it.